Berrin Tuncel, was born on July 2, 1957 in Ankara, her ability to art was recognized at her early childhood. She participated in co-exhibition in Eskisehir when she was only six. Meanwhile she had private art lessons. She completed her education in Istanbul where she moved with her family in 1968. In 1975 Tuncel got married and had a child.

Her highly gift which no academic education never configured and her style contradicting with the awards of an Islamic country in Turkey of 80's where existed cultural dilemma of west & east also political and fínancial crisis.

In mid eighties Berrin Tuncel , while being known especially for work in the pictures of nude style which she posed herself as a model her relevance to cinema and music proved her having the great artistic mind and being the sole famous woman artist. In 1987 she also began sculpting. Tuncel incorporated in traditionalism by presenting the traditional aspects of Turkish society. Her first show was in 1980 when she was only 21.

Berrin Tuncel, having an appreciable point in Turkisk media over a decade opened various exhibitions both local and abroad, including New York, USA.

The artistic mentality of Berrin Tuncel exposes that she has been a head of Turkish art expansion through West in Turkey.

Recently the renovation of numerous young artists, expressing themselves in nude style proves that Berrin Tuncel is a pioneer of a novelty that originates from West, reflecting contemporary and exempt concepts.

In 2001 January Berrin Tuncel moved to New York, USA from Istanbul, Turkey.

Presently Berrin Tuncel continues her art career in New York.

Exhibitions in Istanbul

Konrad Adenaur Foundation Art Gallery - Ankara

Foods for fashion

Ward-Nasse Gallery - New York

Brochure - Konrad Adenaur Foundation Art Gallery - Ankara

Berrin Tuncel - "Art in America"

International Salon 1998


Berrin Tuncel, who models for her nude paintings, exhibited her art work for the first time in Ankara.

The nude paintings of Berrin Tuncel since 1978 are being exhibited with the title as "The Summary of 20 Years" in Ankara. The exhibition, held at Konrad Adenaur Foundation Art Gallery is Tuncel's first debut, presented to the art lovers of Ankara. The paintings, which are formed with the oil color technique, expresses the nude Figurative art and mother-child relation. The exhibition can be visited until December. Tuncel, who was reacted by some of the art associates because of her style which was considered to be in contradiction with the standard of judgment of 80's, the years of political, economical, cultural civic turmoil. Tuncel draws paintings of herself, looking from the mirror. Tuncel states, "There are no limits in the subjects of art, the function of art is to delineate, I can draw picture in every subject I think of and want. I am free in art and I like myself and so why should I not draw my own pictures". Tuncel says that her only aim is to exceed herself, "I am always trying to exceed my previous art works with the subsequent ones, my greatest rival is myself and I compete with myself. When I finish and sign my painting, I see it as if it was done by another painter and I become unfamiliar with it".

Where is the woman?

Hairs and horses

Blind infinite





Berrin Berrin


Tuncel states that, sometimes she focuses on painting, but sometimes she quits painting for days and says "Once I painted for 16 hours and some days I just sit in front of the canvas for hours, but there are also times I never take the brush in hand". Tuncel said that her interest for art began from her early childhood, and she participated a co-exhibiton when she was only 6 in Eskisehir and she had her frirst art exhibiton when she was 21. Until now she held 20 exhibitions only in Istanbul and abroad. She also added that she is presently a member of Ward-Nasse Art Gallery, located in New York and exhibited 30 pieces of her art work there. Tuncel, born in 1959 in Ankara and lives in Istanhul. Tuncel had no academic education.

Body & Body



" The Summary of 20 Years", The Art Exhibition From TUNCEL

The painter of nude art, M. Berrin Tuncel presented her paintings since 1978 in the exhibiton, held in Ankara. The exhibition is formed of her 39 paintings and the exhibition, held by Tuncel is located at Konrad Adenaur Foundation Art Gallery, on Ahmet Rasim Street can be visited until the, evening of December. After Ankara the artist also will have other exhibitions in Istanbul and Izmir. At the exhibitions she will hold in Istanbul and in Izmir there will be her paintings, which she formed with the oil color technique and expresses the nude art and mother-child relation. Tuncel, who was reacted by some of the art associates because of her style which was considered to be in contradiction with the standard of judgment of 80's, the years of political, economical, Cultura civic turmoil, indicated that she draws her auto nude paintings by looking from the mirror.

Dance...Turkisk media about Berrin Tuncel

Maha Desnuda

Wo man

I think

Saddam and Cicciolina

Horse and Pictures



Over moon


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